Sure, why not!

As a Cloud specialist working for Microsoft, i have to demo the Bot capabilities to our customers and what better way than a practical application of it.

Source code

Blog write-up

How does it work then?

  • Interract with the Chat bot in the right hand pane. It's a forms-bot, so will gather 5-6 pieces of information about the job role. If you haven't chatted with a bot before, go on have a go - it'll just take 60 seconds!
  • Once the bot interaction is complete, it will POST a constructed JSON object to a web service sat in front of a machine learning model.
  • The model will return a percentage indicator of likely interest in the role.
  • If the interest percentage is over 60% then it will give you my real, prioritised email address - not the junk-directing one i use on linkedin.


Just say hi, or whatever you like to get started!